Confined Interviews

I have really negleted this section, when so many things have passed! Just the month on May was extremely eventful. On the 31st, Xavi Ayén interviewed Valentina Alferj, Andrea Camilleri‘s right-hand woman, for La Vanguardia. He also spoke to Pau Vidal and to me as representatives of his many translators. The interview, which you can read here, came with this wonderful recreation of inspector Montalbano by Marc Pallarès:

Montalbano por Marc Pallarès

A few days before that, on the 27th, I spoke with Vasos Comunicantes, the magazine published by ACE Traductores. They have started a series of talks with translators called ‘Del amigo, el consejo’ and I spoke about books on translation, dictionaries, favourite translations and bizarre searches. And Camilleri came up again. You can read the interview here.

Finally, on the 21st something very exciting happened. We launched Gianni Rodari’s El libro de los errores, which I translated a few months ago and Juventud has just published with illustrations by Chiara Armellini and design and layout by Mercedes Romero. They put together a big virtual event: José Luis Polanco, Piu Martínez, Élodie Bourgeois and I chatted about Rodari for a long time, moderated by Germán Machado. Over five hundred people at a book launch! Unheard of!

Presentación de "El libro de los errores"

This new book, which comes out when we celebrate the centenary of the birth of Gianni Rodari, also allowed me to dust off my previous translations of his work for Kalandraka and Blackie Books and to once again remember how wonderful the author is and how much I have learned from him:

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