Writers and Translators Honoured by the Premio Strega Europeo

And here’s the shortlist for Italy’s Premio Strega Europeo 2017, which gives € 3,000 to the winning author and, starting this year, also € 1,500 to their translator: Mathias Enard, Bussola (e/o), translated by Yasmina Melaouah; Jenny Erpenbeck, Voci del verbo andare (Sellerio), translated by Ada Vigliani; Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Tutto quello che non ricordo (Iperborea), translated by Alessandro Bassini; László Krasznahorkai, Satantango (Bompiani), translated by Dora Várnai, and Ali Smith, L’una e l’altra (Sur), translated by Federica Aceto. Congratulations to all ten!

Premio Strega Europeo 2017

UPDATE: The winners are Jenny Erpenbeck and her translator, Ada Vigliani, for Voci del verbo andare (Sellerio). Congratulations!

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