The History of ACE Traductores

ACE Traductores, the Spanish association of literary translators, will be forty years old in November 2023. To pave the way for the celebrations, its journal, Vasos Comunicantes, has recently published a series of three articles that review its entire history and, ultimately, the recent history of Spanish translation. Here are the three instalments: the first, the second and the third.

Furthermore, in this same issue, no. 57, a fascinating interview with Catalina Martínez Muñoz has appeared. And it also includes a profile of Esther Benítez, a historical translator and activist for the rights of translation professionals. It was written by Maite Gallego and Carmen Francí. Esther Benítez is remembered every year in the translation world thanks to the award that bears her name.

Posters by Marc Valls for several events organised by ACE Traductores

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