A Fellowship at the Bogliasco Foundation

Do you know the one about the choreographer, the translator, the composer, the playwright, the photographer, the dantist, the filmmaker and the art historian in residence in a Ligurian villa by the sea, as fellows of the Bogliasco Foundation?

How lucky to be working here, just outside Genoa, with this amazing group. It’s an honour to spend this sunny month of January with Christopher Williams, Anne LeBaron, Frank J. Avella, Wit McKay, Francesco Ciabattoni, Offer Egozy and George Gorse.

Bogliasco Foundation

Bogliasco Fellows January 2018 (Photos: Adel Oberto)

Below you’ll find a couple of home videos. This is Villa dei Pini, the Study Centre. The garden is a wonderful maze that always leads to the sea:

And this is the village, Bogliasco, fuori stagione:

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