Cartoon Philosophy

I’m very excited, because the comic book on the left, the Spanish edition of A Cartoon Introduction to Philosophy by Michael F. Patton and Kevin Cannon, in now in its fifth edition. I translated it last year for Debolsillo, it’s a gem and it smells really good. It’s all about Heraclitus, who tells the story of philosophy with a lot of humour and great panache. I recommend it.

And it reminds me of the comic book on the right, by William Messner-Loebs and Sam Kieth, which I translated for Ediciones Zinco. This one is about Epicurus, who talks about philosophy with a lot of humour and great panache. It’s also a gem, but it doesn’t really smell anymore, since I translated it, ahem, twenty-eight (28) years ago! Ah, the dizziness.

Filosofía de tebeo

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