De vegades hi ha llibres…

De vegades hi ha llibres che ti piacciono così tanto que tienes que traducirlos dos veces.

El zorro y el aviador | La guineu i l'aviador

El zorro y el aviador | La guineu i l'aviador

El zorro y el aviador | La guineu i l'aviador

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So Why Does One Translate?

I have just read an article called ‘¿Que por qué traduzco?’ (So Why Do I Translate?), posted several months ago by renowned Turkish-into-Spanish translator Rafael Carpintero in his blog, El Carpintero Traductor. And I like it, like every thing of his that I have read. And it makes me think of another article, ‘Por qué traduzco’ (Why Do I Translate?), published by renowned English-into-Spanish translator Ismael Attrache in El Trujamán. And I also like it, like every thing of his that I have read. And that’s that.


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An Afternoon with Tom Gauld

It doesn’t happen everyday. Sometimes translators are in touch with their authors, sometimes we get to meet them in person and sometimes we even have the chance to chat with them for a while. But rarely can we spend a whole afternoon with an author we admire, ask them whatever we want and then hear them speak in public in the evening.

That’s what happened to me a few days ago when Tom Gauld came to Barcelona to speak at Primera Persona, a literary festival held at CCCB. He also launched the Spanish edition of his new book, Cooking with Kafka (Salamandra Graphic), which I translated a few months ago. It features wonderful strips such as these two the publisher has animated for our enjoyment:

Before that book, I had already translated a graphic novel by Gauld that’s sweet and funny and endearing, Mooncop. There’s also a video:

And so it happened that I spent the afternoon as Tom’s interpreter for several interviews with the Spanish press, such as this one for El Periódico.

At one point, he signed a copy of the Spanish edition of Mooncop for me, and then I asked him if he could possible draw me while I was translating one of his books. He made me this caricature on the credit page of the Spanish edition of Cooking with Kafka:

Dedicatoria de Tom Gauld

And then, in the evening, he gave his talk at Primera Persona. The theatre was packed:

It was, to sum it up, a memorable day. And luckily there was absolutely no tension of this sort between author and translator:

El autor y su traductor

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I pini di Roma

I pini di Roma

My second residency this year, after the fellowship at the Bogliasco Foundation in January, is in Rome. I’m spending the month of April at the Casa delle Traduzioni, working on a terribly difficult and terribly entertaining book by Gianni Rodari to be published by Editorial Juventud.

I’m enjoying my time here tremendously, translating a lot and in good company. And of course the highlight of it all was attending the big tribute to Andrea Camilleri at the Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese, a few days ago. The Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia presented the latest issue of a Bianco e Nero magazine, dedicated to Il Maestro, who taught at the Centro in the fifties and sixties. And among the many texts of friends, former students and experts on the work of Camilleri there is a little article by me! I talk about the translation into Spanish of the last case of Inspector Montalbano, to be published by Ediciones Salamandra. You can read it here.

Andrea Camilleri | Casa del Cinema | Bianco e NeroAndrea Camilleri | Casa del Cinema | Bianco e Nero

Finally, and thanks to a recommendation from Ignasi Cristià, this has been the soundtrack to that afternoon in Villa Borghese and to so many walks around Rome this month. It’s the symphonic poem I pini di Roma by Ottorino Respighi {1. I pini di Villa Borghese 2. Pini presso una catacomba 3. I pini del Gianicolo 4. I pini della Via Appia}:

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The Vanguard of Literary Change

‘Translators are the vanguard of literary change: we need better recognition’, says the illustrious Daniel Hahn in a great article he has written for The Guardian, which you can read here. Last year, Daniel won €25,000 at the International Dublin Literary Award for his translation of A General Theory of Oblivion, by Angolan author José Eduardo Agualusa. With half of that money, and the backing of the Society of Authors’ Translators Association (TA) and The British Council, he funded an award designed to recognise a great literary translation debut published in the UK.

The first winner of the TA First Translation Prize is Bela Shayevich for her translation of Second-Hand Time by Svetlana Alexievich (Fitzcarraldo Editions), edited by Jacques Testard. Translator and editor share the £2,000 awarded (you can see all six shortlisted books in the picture below). And in this piece Daniel takes the chance to state some very clear facts.

The TA First Translation Prize 2018

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A Fellowship at the Bogliasco Foundation

Do you know the one about the choreographer, the translator, the composer, the playwright, the photographer, the dantist, the filmmaker and the art historian in residence in a Ligurian villa by the sea, as fellows of the Bogliasco Foundation?

How lucky to be working here, just outside Genoa, with this amazing group. It’s an honour to spend this sunny month of January with Christopher Williams, Anne LeBaron, Frank J. Avella, Wit McKay, Francesco Ciabattoni, Offer Egozy and George Gorse.

Bogliasco Foundation

Bogliasco Fellows January 2018 (Photos: Adel Oberto)

Below you’ll find a couple of home videos. This is Villa dei Pini, the Study Centre. The garden is a wonderful maze that always leads to the sea:

And this is the village, Bogliasco, fuori stagione:

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Anthea Bell, Grande Dame of Translation

If you only read one interview with a translator this year, let it be this one by Claire Armitstead, who speaks to the charming Anthea Bell. It was published in The Guardian in 2013. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Astérix in English

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The First Book I’m Reading This Year

Here I am, about to start reading La voce del testo, by Franca Cavagnoli (Feltrinelli).

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An Interview in Orlandiana about the Esther Benítez Award

There’s a great blog called Orlandiana that talks about the ceremony at which I received the 12th Esther Benítez Award, bestowed by ACE Traductores on the 15th of December at Casa del Lector. They also interview me. Thank you so much!

You can read it here.

Entrega XII Premio Esther Benítez

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Irene de la Torre Talks about Her Experience at CELA

It raises the spirits to see Irene de la Torre’s excitement in this article on the Escuela de Escritores website. She talks about her experience in Pisa with CELA, a European Union project for young translators recently set up which will continue for two years. What a superb idea!

Proyecto CELA de la Unión Europea

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Off to Madrid to Receive the Esther Benítez Award on the 15th of December

I’m off to Madrid in a few weeks to receive the Esther Benítez Award, bestowed by ACE Traductores to honour the best translation published in Spain last year! I am on cloud nine, it’s really wonderful to have won this award, voted by literary translators from all over Spain! Furthermore, it’s for my translation of La noche de los niños (God Help the Child), a book by Toni Morrison that took me to BILTC at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and has brought me joy on many different levels.

The ceremony will take place on the 15th of December at 7 pm in room 6.11 of the very wonderful Casa del Lector, the headquarters of ACE Traductores.

Las tres ediciones de la novela en español y tres de las aparecidas en inglés

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Is David Pearson the Coolest Book Cover Designer in the World?

I have a feeling that David Pearson is the coolest book cover designer in the whole wide world. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and check out his wonderful website.

David Pearson 1

David Pearson 2

David Pearson 3

David Pearson 4

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My Translation of God Help the Child Has Been Shortlisted for the Esther Benítez Award!

I’m over the moon! I made the shortlist for the Esther Benítez Award, bestowed by ACE Traductores, for my translation of La noche de los niños by Toni Morrison (Lumen), a book that has given me so much! Even better, I’m in great company with Rita da Costa, shortlisted for El camino estrecho al norte profundo by Richard Flanagan (Literatura Random House), María Enguix for Cuando el diablo salió del baño by Sophie Divry (Malpaso), Julia Osuna for Hasta arriba by W. E. Bowman (Blackie Books) and Eugenia Vázquez-Nacarino for Manual para mujeres de la limpieza by Lucia Berlin (Alfaguara).

La noche de los niños

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The Fables of Saint Jerome

Last Friday, on the eve of the feast of Saint Jerome of Stridon, El País published an excellent article by Aurelio Major titled ‘Fábulas de san Jerónimo’. In it, the writer and translator says: ‘Translating is transferring, transporting tradition, interpreting, migrating tirelessly, because the only nation is the very many books, transformed, re-read, renovated with every new version’.

And today, Tuesday, that very same newspaper has published a piece by Paula Corroto, titled ‘Los personajes invisibles de la literatura’, in which (under a somewhat alarming subheading) she interviews Miguel Sáenz, José Luis López Muñoz, Carmen Francí, Jesús Cuéllar, Carlos Fortea, David Paradela, Itziar Hernández Rodilla, Alicia Martorell and myself. And we all tell rather entertaining stories about this profession of ours.

Ilustración de Fernando Vicente

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Many Happy Returns to All Translators

Thanks to the International Federation of Translators (FIT), this is the first year that the United Nations recognize the 30th of September as International Translation Day, thus increasing its impact. The celebration was first held in 1953 on the festivity of Saint Jerome, who translated the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into Latin and is considered the patron saint of translators. FIT has chosen translation and diversity as the theme for 2017 and has come up with a campaign around this image:


In Spain, the Ministry for Culture has launched a wonderful campaign through social media. It’s called ‘Invisible Authors’ and is a very welcome idea for this wonderful profession, always in need of help. They have prepared a series of videos starring five translators: Antonio Alvar, Celia Filipetto, David Jou, Gemma Rovira and Marta Sánchez-Nieves. Happy International Translation Day everyone!

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My Next Translations

I have several wonderful titles lined-up. My third translation of a Gianni Rodari book, Escuela de fantasía, will be published by Blackie Books in September, and the fourth, which will probably be called Inventem els números in Catalan, will be published by Kalandraka with beautiful illustrations by Alessandro Sanna, just like the previous one, Un conte embolicat. Then there’s the third graphic novel by Zerocalcare that I’m lucky enough to translate into Spanish for Reservoir Books, like the two previous ones, La profecía del armadillo and Kobane Calling. And to top it all we have a new case for Inspector Montalbano, La pirámide de barro, which will be published by Salamandra next year.

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So, Can I Be Happy?

I’ve been reading books in Anagrama’s Narrativas Hispánicas collection all my life. And now suddenly I’ve translated a novel by Tina Vallès for them. It’s called La memoria del árbol and it won the II Premio Llibres Anagrama earlier this year. And it’s simple and complex and wonderful.

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Writers and Translators Honoured by the Premio Strega Europeo

And here’s the shortlist for Italy’s Premio Strega Europeo 2017, which gives € 3,000 to the winning author and, starting this year, also € 1,500 to their translator: Mathias Enard, Bussola (e/o), translated by Yasmina Melaouah; Jenny Erpenbeck, Voci del verbo andare (Sellerio), translated by Ada Vigliani; Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Tutto quello che non ricordo (Iperborea), translated by Alessandro Bassini; László Krasznahorkai, Satantango (Bompiani), translated by Dora Várnai, and Ali Smith, L’una e l’altra (Sur), translated by Federica Aceto. Congratulations to all ten!

Premio Strega Europeo 2017

UPDATE: The winners are Jenny Erpenbeck and her translator, Ada Vigliani, for Voci del verbo andare (Sellerio). Congratulations!

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Bisogna cambiare tutto

I have finally found the time to start the long-delayed renovation of my website—it was vital, mostly for technical reasons. The original site dated back to the year 2000 and the design had stood the test of time quite well, but there were search-engine problems and size issues when using portable devices. Also, I hadn’t updated the information for quite a while, always thinking that I should just redo the whole thing from scratch. Which I am doing now.

From now on, it will be much faster, more straightforward and easier to update. Here I go!

This is what it used to look like:

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