Many Happy Returns to All Translators

Thanks to the International Federation of Translators (FIT), this is the first year that the United Nations recognize the 30th of September as International Translation Day, thus increasing its impact. The celebration was first held in 1953 on the festivity of Saint Jerome, who translated the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into Latin and is considered the patron saint of translators. FIT has chosen translation and diversity as the theme for 2017 and has come up with a campaign around this image:


In Spain, the Ministry for Culture has launched a wonderful campaign through social media. It’s called ‘Invisible Authors’ and is a very welcome idea for this wonderful profession, always in need of help. They have prepared a series of videos starring five translators: Antonio Alvar, Celia Filipetto, David Jou, Gemma Rovira and Marta Sánchez-Nieves. Happy International Translation Day everyone!

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My Next Translations

I have several wonderful titles lined-up. My third translation of a Gianni Rodari book, Escuela de fantasía, will be published by Blackie Books in September, and the fourth, which will probably be called Inventem els números in Catalan, will be published by Kalandraka with beautiful illustrations by Alessandro Sanna, just like the previous one, Un conte embolicat. Then there’s the third graphic novel by Zerocalcare that I’m lucky enough to translate into Spanish for Reservoir Books, like the two previous ones, La profecía del armadillo and Kobane Calling. And to top it all we have a new case for Inspector Montalbano, La pirámide de barro, which will be published by Salamandra next year.

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So, Can I Be Happy?

I’ve been reading books in Anagrama’s Narrativas Hispánicas collection all my life. And now suddenly I’ve translated a novel by Tina Vallès for them. It’s called La memoria del árbol and it won the II Premio Llibres Anagrama earlier this year. And it’s simple and complex and wonderful.

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Writers and Translators Honoured by the Premio Strega Europeo

And here’s the shortlist for Italy’s Premio Strega Europeo 2017, which gives € 3,000 to the winning author and, starting this year, also € 1,500 to their translator: Mathias Enard, Bussola (e/o), translated by Yasmina Melaouah; Jenny Erpenbeck, Voci del verbo andare (Sellerio), translated by Ada Vigliani; Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Tutto quello che non ricordo (Iperborea), translated by Alessandro Bassini; László Krasznahorkai, Satantango (Bompiani), translated by Dora Várnai, and Ali Smith, L’una e l’altra (Sur), translated by Federica Aceto. Congratulations to all ten!

Premio Strega Europeo 2017

UPDATE: The winners are Jenny Erpenbeck and her translator, Ada Vigliani, for Voci del verbo andare (Sellerio). Congratulations!

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300 Translations

On this new website, which I’m redesigning from scratch, I would like to include the covers of all the books I’ve translated over the years, either on my own or with other colleagues. I already had them on the old site, but they were too little, the animation was made with Flash—so lots of new devices didn’t support it—and I had also stopped updating them a while ago.

While I set it all up, blisfully happy, I’m celebrating an important landmark. With the last novel by my revered author Andrea Camilleri just published by Salamandra I have now reached 300 translated titles!

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Bisogna cambiare tutto

I have finally found the time to start the long-delayed renovation of my website—it was vital, mostly for technical reasons. The original site dated back to the year 2000 and the design had stood the test of time quite well, but there were search-engine problems and size issues when using portable devices. Also, I hadn’t updated the information for quite a while, always thinking that I should just redo the whole thing from scratch. Which I am doing now.

From now on, it will be much faster, more straightforward and easier to update. Here I go!

This is what it used to look like:

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